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Welcome to Dirty Orientals - a fan page of the web’s best asians pornsite: dirtyorientals We all love those deeply sensual sluts that come from the Orient. Those Asian flowers so delicate on the outside, but crave to feel a thick cock buried deep into those wet pussies. DirtyOrientals brings us a healthy collection of Asia freakiest bargirls in some exclusive Thai hardcore. The movies are all exclusive So scroll down to enjoy some great Asian porn.

Dirty Orientals Scenes

Enjoy all the dirty orientals scenes that I have prepared for you! These are among the top rated scenes available from if you'd ask me. I've setup each scene its on its own page, with an explicit description of whats going on, plus sample pictures and also some have videos.


DirtyOrientals - Ying

Dirty oriental Ying used to be in a symphonic orchestra, she played the flute. Her conductor found her very rigid and recommended her to play on "another kind of flute", because she messes up all the notes. So f…

Jom Star

DirtyOrientals - Jom Star

Jom Star seems insatiable. Maybe next time we will surprise her with another dick, so while one is fucking her filthy pussy she can suck the other cock :)…

Dawn Star

Dirty Orientals - Dawn Star

I bet you know some ways to spend a whole night with this Asian cutie. You can screw her hours long, she's always ready for yet another orgasm! And when dawn arrives, she's still ready to open up her …


Dirty Orientals - Pet

Have you seen a cuter face? No way, you must be joking if your answer was yes... Take a look at this dirtyorientals hottie, and you'll be convinced how beautiful Orientals can be... oh yes, and dirty, too! That's wh…


Dirty Orientals - Som

Ready for yet another barely legal Asian hottie? Look what I got for you, then! Som is so sexy, and if you can read her almond-shaped eyes, you'll see the sparkle of the innocence and curiosity in the…


Dirty Orientals - Jasamine

Why are Oriental girls different? What is their secret? Well, just let us take a closer look on this almond-eyed honey, she's exotic, she's horny and... hey... don't stop at her dripping wet hungry pu…

Veronica T.

Dirty Orientals - Veronica

You want more dirty Orientals? Check out Veronica, then! She's sweet, she's submissive and she's altogether a dirty piece of ass! And we're gonna stuff those nice buns of hers, if you don't mind...!…

Nana Ying

DirtyOrientals - Nana

When Nana graduated from high school she was still a virgin, but her sister surprised her with a dick. And what a twist it was in her life! She can't get off the dicks by now! And she says thanks fo…

Nana Ying

Dirty Orientals - Nana Ying

Barely legal petite teenage Nana Ying is so eager to know more about sex! So she meets her new sex teacher with only one aim in mind: to deepen her sexual knowledge! Don't miss her sexy moans and soft…


Dirty Orientals - Sophia

Barely legal, and sweet as a delicious fruit: let's meet dirtyorientals Sophia, who's one of my personal favorites... and it's not hard to guess why. Yep, I love her tight hole, her young flesh... she's just perfect…


DirtyOrientals - Apple

What kind of apples do you like? Sweet ones? Sour ones? Hard ones? Soft ones? Our Apple represents all of them! She is sweet and sour, hard and soft at the same time! Delicious!…


Dirty Orientals - Tina

18-year-old Tina is an all-natural little cutie, with a nice bush between her long legs, for a change. I totally love her for her cheerful personality and dirty sex skills! What a great pairing!…

Michelle Jiu

DirtyOrientals - Michelle

The natural status for Michelle is when she has a dick in her. For her it's like breathing! No dick in the pussy = no life. That's kind of her motto...…


DirtyOrientals - Jamaica

When this bitch immigrated, the first sentence she learned was "fuck me". And still, this is the sentence she can say without an accent! And she uses it every single day, so it was a useful senten…


Dirty Orientals - Jamaica

Jamaica, eh? Well, ain't no ganja and rasta in here, just a sweet little girl with almond-shaped eyes and a peculiar interest in fucking! Yes, that's right, she's a horny girl and she wants to do it a…

Catsumi Wei

Dirty Orientals - Catsumi Wei

Can you believe I met dirtyorientals Catsumi at a local bar, where she was singing for rich German tourists night after night? Of course, for a little extra she was ready to do even more... so I gave her a few bucks…

Leticia Wu

Dirty Orientals - Leticia Wu

Her daytime job: chef in a Thai restaurant. Her night-time job: supercute fuckmachine, with insatiable sexual appetite! LEt's meet Leticia, one of the horniest girls around! And when I say 'meet', I r…


DirtyOrientals - Da

Sometimes you can hear stories about girls who are forced to be sluts. But this bitch is not forced to do anything at all. She chose this life, she chose endless fucking!…

Song Mei

DirtyOrientals - Song

Have you imagined what an oriental goddess might look like? Song has everything that makes someone a goddess; passionate, beauty, self-confidence... But also, she can be humble when it comes to the po…


DirtyOrientals - Mey

Mey doesn't take anything seriously! Look at her! Isn't she cute? She is so adorable! But that wouldn't be a big deal if she wasn't such a bitch at the same time!…


Dirty Orientals - Sophina

Sophina has a rather strange name, but so are all Thai girls, they hear something nice on TV and the next thing you notice is that they wear latex and believe they are the next J.Lo of Krung Thep. Sho…

Jesse Samui

Dirty Orientals - Jesse Samui

Do you know where the island of Samui is exactly? Well, you don't have to excel in geography, since we bring you Samui into your living room! Actually, it's in Thailand and Jesse is here to make you f…

Cherry Mei

Dirty Orientals- Cherry Mei

Hungry for cherries? This cherry is surely sweet, ripe and delicious! Come, do grab her and enjoy every minute of her teen freshness... Tasty, eh? Especially when you push your cock right into her vir…

Jessie Spankin

Dirty Orientals - Jesse Spankin

I wonder where that name comes from... Jesse went to the local English school and it seems corporal punishment was a daily routine there. Anyways, the girl has not lost her cheerfulness and she's alwa…

Amber Je

Dirty Orientals - Amber Je

Yet another dirty orientals asian cutiepie visits our studio, with only one aim in mind... her girlfriend told her how much fun she had with us last time, and Amber was really curious to find out what exactly she mea…

Soi Cowboy

DirtyOrientals - Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy chose the nickname "cowboy"cuz she thought that cowboys usually had big dicks and she loooves to get fucked by big dicks! So she tried one out and she found her idea true :)…

Veronica T.

Dirty Orientals - Veronica T.

Veronica is back, with that lovely hairy pussy of hers. After her first appearance we got thousands of emails, you naughty guys wanted more and more of her! Now she's here, and ready to spread that de…


DirtyOrientals - Kasumi

This oriental sweetheart knows no mercy when it comes to fucking! When she thinks the woman standing next to her is an enemy, she acts like an angry tiger with her - but when she turns to the men she …

Demi Thai

DirtyOrientals - Demi

Demi now is all-American. Speaks like that, dresses up like that and sucks American dicks. What other proof does the government need to give her American papers? :)…

Sky M.

Dirty Orientals - Sky

When I asked Sky about her chosen name, she said, wait and see. I didn't understand this at first, but as she went down on all fours and began to suck my cock I got it. And yeah, I felt like in sevent…


DirtyOrientals - Nina

Nina is not a tall girl, and fortunately her pussy-hole did not grow big either. Stretching out a pussy like that is more than enjoyment! :) It's rather like a mission to fuck a pussy like that!…


Dirty Orientals - Apple

I hope you're feeling hungry because we have a delicious menu for today! Yes, Apple is back, with sweet face, charming smile... and her soft teen pussylips, glistening with her love juices. Serve your…

Catsumi Wei

Dirty Orientals - Catsumi

Remember Catsumi? She was one of the most popular girls among the fellow Dirty Oriental-fans. Now she couldn't rest on her laurels, we invite her back for yet another hot pussy drilling! Enjoy her newest sc…

Ina Miyu

Dirty Orientals - Ina Miyu

Ina Miyu is a petite teengirl who's just so cute you want to keep her in your bed all day long, to fondle and caress. So, take a look at her sweet face and almond-shaped eyes, it won't matter that her…

Michelle Jiu

Dirty Orientals - Michelle Jiu

Yakuza babe Michelle needs some cock, in advance! Better obey to her orders else you'll be lost forever! Check out how this tattooed beauty enjoys herself and reaches a huge orgasm at the end!…

Kim D

Dirty Orientals - Kim

Baby-faced Kim has as mysterious smile like her famous namesake. But what's on her mind that makes her smile a lot? Oh, that's an easy one: she always thinks about sex, sex and sex!…


Dirty Orientals - Tunisee

Check out this lovely girl, with charming almond-shaped eyes and a firm body... Who doesn't want to have a sex slave like her at home? Well, I do, so I definitely would check out her scene on dirtyori…

Tina Yum

Dirty Orientals - Ina & Tina

Allright, you have already seen what Ina Miyu is capable of. But do you think she had enough? Oh, no, not this time! She teams up with Tina Yum, her girlfriend and demand even more! Check out these ho… review by Rabbit

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There are 45 videos of Thai gals doing their best to show off their sexual prowess. Updates used to happen weekly, but it looks like they've stopped adding new content altogether now (its been a couple years).

You can go with excellent-quality Windows Media and MP4s. You can choose a lower-quality version if your bandwidth or your hard drive space make downloading larger files difficult in any way. The hardcore action tends to last about 30 minutes.

Many videos come with vid caps, but some of the older ones have high-res pics for a total of 19 photo galleries. Even though these numbers haven't changed in quite some time, the design and layout is different and it's much easier to navigate and find what you want.

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